Sunday Service Times: 9:45 am Sunday School 11:00 am Morning Worship

Our past, present, and future

Our Past

Fowlerville Church of the Nazarene began her ministry on September 1, 2004 in the basement of one of our charter member’s home. We began with Bible studies on Wednesday, but soon realized that Sunday worship was needed. By October, Sunday Worship was in full swing. Once month later in November, we moved from the basement and started in the Kindergarten Wing of Smith Elementary. For the next six and one half years we would be in Smith Elementary, Kreeger Elementary and finally the Junior High.

In April of 2006 we were officially organized by our church denomination. From the very first service, we have seen God’s hand at work in the people He has brought into this ministry. We have grown numerically, but more importantly we have all grown spiritually. We recognize that each day is a new day to draw closer to God and to mirror the life of Jesus Christ our Savior to our world around us.

Our mission is to reach our community with the love of Jesus Christ sharing his transforming power and grace. From our first service of nine people we have grown eight years later to a congregation averaging one hundred and forty five people. From the basement of a home, we have been blessed to have our own church facility. Our present facility is a totally transformed strip mall on the south side of I-96. Along with the new facility, we have a twenty two acre parcel two miles south of our church on Fowlerville Road. As God continues to grow the church, we will have a place to build a larger facility.

God has blessed our church family in two special ways. First, Russ Greer and his family joined our church with leading the young family’s ministry. Second, Ralph Cawthra and his family came on board in the area of youth ministry. Only God knows where we will go from here.

As you can see, God is truly blessing this ministry. The only one missing from this picture is you and your family. Please, check out this site and if you like what you see, come and visit us this next Sunday.

God Bless,
Pastor Gary

Our Present

Fowlerville Church of the Nazarene is a ministry that is growing and will continue to grow as God blesses. The three main focal points of our church is God’s Daily Presence – Ministering to People – Transformed Lives.

God’s Daily Presence is the main focus in this ministry and in our lives. From the day we opened our first service in September of 2004 until today, we have stressed the necessity of God’s presence in our daily walk as well as all of our services. We know that without Him we are just another organization. However, when God is present there is an excitement in services. This is also true in our personal life. Our prayer is that each family will start out there day with the Lord and close their day with him on their minds. Our services are a blend of contemporary worship using choruses that speak to the younger attendees and hymns which speak to the heart and life of those who have attended church for many years. We have found that both styles of music bring us into the presence of God. What is taught in our Christian Education (Sunday School) hour and in the morning worship service is taken for God’s Word and is applicable to your every day life. God’s presence is vital and necessary for a strong Christian walk.

Ministering to People is the way to show everyone the love of God. Whether it is during the Christian education, Wednesday Bible study or Sunday morning worship, our focus is to minister to each individual and realize that we are the body of Christ corporately. Our church is concerned with your spiritual being and your well being. We not only minister to those who attend our services, but we work with exciting ministries in the Livingston County area. We work hand in hand with LOVE, Inc., Family Impact Center, Gideons, Forgotten Man’s Ministry, Right to Life, Pregnancy Helpline, and others. It is our belief that together we are stronger than one ministry alone. Our ministering is also part of the church community that recognizes the greater family of God and the joy we experience as we worship and work together.

Transformed Lives are the ultimate prayer and goal of this ministry. We do not meet just to play church. We gather together to draw closer to the Lord and to be changed into the image of Christ our Savior. We are about the Father’s calling to share Jesus Christ with those who come through our doors on Sunday and those who we work with, live by, and are our friends. It is extremely important to this ministry to see that you know that Jesus Christ loves you, died for you, and wants you to become one in family of God. Our greatest joy is to pray with you when you become a child of God. We know that a transformed life is God’s heart-felt desire for you today.

I would invite you to come, share in a worship service with us. Talk with Pastor Gary, Pastor Russ, and Pastor Ralph about our church and its ministry to you and your family. Our church can be your home.

Our Future

Our Future is always just a day away. We believe that God has a wonderful and exciting future for this ministry. We believe this because of our past and our present. We know that God works through those who allow his Holy Spirit to transform, guide, and direct. This firm belief has filled our past, is driving our present and will always be leading us into our future.

Our near future is to continue to grow our church family in the new facility at 8040 Country Corner Drive. With our exciting youth ministry, we can see a continuous growth touching the lives of area teens. What is more important than their deepening walk with the Lord and desire to share Him with their piers? Our children’s ministry will continue to reach out to new families as we teach them about Jesus Christ and the importance of asking Him into their hearts. Even our adult education program is growing as they dig into God’s Word and incorporate it into their everyday lives. All of these family ministries will bring a stronger future into focus.

Our near future will also include the many church that worship in our community. We will work together with our brothers and sister in Christ through joined efforts to reach into our community with the love of Christ. Our prayer is for every church to reach out in Christ’s name to win our community for Him.

Our distant future is in the hands of God. Our long range dream is to build a larger facility on the twenty-two acre parcel two miles south of our church on Fowlerville Road. We have dubbed this parcel our “Field of Dreams.” One day when our present facility is bulging at the seams and God gives us the signal we will relocate to a larger facility.

One prayer for you as you look through our website is that our future will one day see you and your family attending. Wouldn’t it be great if your future and our future were brought together by God himself? Pray about it and it just might happen.