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Outdoor Ministry – “Outlife Club”

Rene Michele- Outlife Leader

Outlife Club is an acronym for¬†Outdoor Learning in Family Experiences. Our mission statement is: Outlife connects people of all ages with the outdoor world by inviting them to participate in mentored, faith based experiences in a safe, fun and ecologically sound environment. We want people to turn off their computers and put down their phones for a few hours and experience God’s outdoors and the many activities associated with it. We want people to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow, use a fishing pole, go bicycling on trails, learn how to kayak or canoe and many other outdoor activities. We want to provide these activities to the community with little or no cost at all.

We will provide information about upcoming events on a monthly basis on our website, in the paper or by calling the church. Click here for our current scheduled activities.